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Table and Chair Rentals

Maritime Tents can provide tables, chairs, lights, staging, podiums, and tent walls for your event. Our aim is high to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and service.

Chair Rentals

All white chair rentals featuring either the fan back or resin chairs. The fan back is the standard metal and plastic chair, while the resin chair offers a sturdier feel and more comfort that comes from having a white foam seat pad.

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Table Rentals

Tables are available in either the 6 foot banquet or 5 foot round style. Each table can comfortably seat 8 people and we do offer both types for any event.

It is common to have banquet tables for the head table, and round tables for the guests for example.

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Dance Floor

This is a picture of our dance floor at a wedding in the Annapolis Valley. With subfloor installed you can ensure the floor is level when the setup is on a grassy area. We offer the dance floor in the following sizes:

12 feet x 12 feet

20 feet x 20 feet

The rise of the dance floor is approximately 4.5 inches when setup with the subfloor. For perfectly level areas the subfloor is not necessary to install. We provide wood grain with aluminum trim. You can also view the staging we offer in the is picture as well as a podium.

Staging and Podium Rentals

Staging comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sections to handle Dj's to full size bands. We also provide stairs at the side of the staging if your require this. Don't forget a podium for the speaker(s).

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No Centre Pole To The Ground

Our tents have eliminated the centre poles extending to the ground which allows you to arrange your guests seating the way you like without having to work around a centre pole distraction.

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One Piece Tent Tops

Rain entering the tent top can be an issue on older tents that have their roof tops sewn together, which is why we selected tents that use one piece tops without seams. A one piece top reduces the risk of rain entering through the top of the tent.

Another problem with older tents is wind noise created by the roof fabric used in tents. Many older tents lay fabric loosely on a frame which allows the fabric to flap around in the wind and creating noise.

The solution to reduce wind noise is to select tensioned tents that hold the fabric tight to the frame. This means there is less noise created as the wind flows over the tight fabric.

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Our Inventory includes tent sizes from 20 x 20 tents, 20 x 30 tents, 30 x 30 tents, and Hexagon tents which are six sided and cover 1035 square feet. All of these tents are modular and can be joined together with rain gutters/archways between sections.

We offer a selection of walls from Cathedral Windows, Cathedral Windows with door entrance, meshed walls, and Plain walls. Wall sections are optional rental items.

Contact Number:

Office Number (902) 679 - 6545
Toll Free 1-855-679-6545

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