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Tent Rentals

Maritime Tents provides the highest quality tent rentals for events in the province of Nova Scotia. Each of our tents is engineered to protect you and your guests from the elements while providing exceptionally good looks that makes an event stand out from the ordinary.

On this website you can see the difference between engineered tents and the products other companies offer for events. It is our way to help you make an informed decision on what items would work best for you on your special occasion.

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Tent Design Sets Us Apart

No Centre Pole To The Ground

Our tents have eliminated the centre poles extending to the ground which allows you to arrange your guests seating the way you like without having to work around a centre pole distraction.

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One Piece Tent Tops

Rain entering the tent top can be an issue on older designs of tents that have their roof tops sewn together. This is why we selected tents that use one piece tops without seams. A one piece top reduces the risk of rain entering through the seam on the top of the tent.

Another issue we have drastically reduced is wind noise created by the roof fabric being loosely laid on the frame. Many older tents lay fabric directly on a frame which allows the fabric to flap around in the wind and creating noise.

The solution to reduce wind noise is to select tensioned tents that hold the fabric tight like a drum to the frame. This in turn reduces noise created as the wind flows over the fabric. Our roofs do not flap around in normal wind.

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Better Looking Tents

Carnival tents have loose fabric that hangs onto the frame and it is common for the tent poles to be required every ten feet. These poles are then staked to the ground with a couple of straps to secure the tent.

We chose an engineered tent in our rental business which reduced many poles and stakes which we believe can distract from the style and appearance. All our large tents use pole spacing from 15 feet all the way up to an amazing 30 feet. Fewer poles and stakes adds to the appearance of the structure at an event. In this case less is definitely more!

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Our Inventory includes tent sizes from 10 x 10, 20 x 20, 20 x 30, 30 x 30, and Hexagon tents which are six sided and cover 1035 square feet. All of these canopies are modular and can be joined together with rain gutters/archways between sections which allows you to create different setups without any hassle.

We offer a selection of walls from Cathedral Windows, Cathedral Windows with door entrance, meshed walls, and Plain walls. Wall sections are optional rental items in case you do not require them.

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Office Number (902) 679 - 6545
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Tent Size Calculator

Here are some guidelines to help you choose your tent size:

Cocktail Parties - standing room only 6 sq ft per person
Buffet Dinner 8 sq ft per person
Sit Down Dinner 10 to 12 sq ft per person
Cathedral Seating (Concert or Revival type) 6 sq ft per person

Dance Floor 5 sq ft per dancer
Live Band (Consult Band for exact size needed) 300 sq ft
DJ with staging 100 square feet
Catering Table - use 100 square feet per table to allow for movement around table with guests and caterer